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Sometimes an important spreadsheet just becomes to complex. Or an new IT system is needed but nothing available is quite right.

We can help with these and all sorts of other problems that involve data within an office environment.

Microsoft Certified Professional development, combined with over 15 years experience, complete vendor and technology independence and our own mature components to speed development means you are in safe hands and will end up with a great return on investment, short and long term.

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Our Values

MISSION: To move our client's businesses forward by helping overcome data management problems and identifying opportunities for increased efficiency.

VISION: A world where boring manual tasks are automated as much as possible and people are free to focus on the interesting and creative instead.


What we offer

IT System Creation

This can really help business take off. We are Windows specialists, including database development.

Customise Existing Software

Microsoft Office, Sage, all sorts of software can be customised, and we can help.


Excel spreadsheet improvements, redesign, conversion to software, troubleshooting and more.


Custom softare that connects to Sage for super-fast bulk data entry, insightful graphs, advanced analytics etc.

Legacy Systems

Got an old rotting Access database or some funny old macros no-one dares touch? We can help.

Long-Term Support

We provide long term support, maintenance and care for your software, ensuring continuing value.


Examples of what we have created

Fertilizer Management System

Fertilizer Management System

Initially the original highly-complex, business-critical and fragile spreadsheets were enhanced by adding needed features and increasing usability and security.

Eventually an IT system was built to replace them, bringing significant productivity and efficiency advantages. It is being constantly developed to support the business' growth and change.

Delivery Management System

Delivery Management System

Originally a spreadsheet, the problem was only one person could update it at a time.

An IT system was built to replace it and was an instant hit, making day to day operations far easier, assisting business decisions and keeping data more secure and reliable.


B2B Connector

Two leading energy sector companies did a lot of business together and needed their (very different) databases to exchange information and keep up to date. Paper and email was being used. Infomation was out of date and paper was piling up.

A system was created to connect the databases, allowing business between the companies to develop and increase tenfold.

Why Us?


Typical prices. To give you some idea.

Excel Spreadsheet Enhanced

eg could be too slow,

or too complex,

or too easy to mess up,

or you can't get it to do

what you want.

Tailor-made IT System

proper database designed & installed

unlimited workstations installed

several data entry / search screens

a few reports and generated documents

base system with endless possibilities...

IT System Change / New Feature

e.g. new report / doc,

new data entry screen

graph and table screen

new complex calculation

change to complex feature


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